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To continue to send to you read the short jokes and funny true signature, today would like to send you all the short or jokes about husband and wife with the title My wife. These are short paragraph jokes collected and culled from networking sites, so it may to some friends met somewhere before, but I believe there are many of you have not known. So you can read the short story My wife laughed and laughed and below for entertainment after school or work stress.
TV best short laugh: My wife

My wife asked: What’s On TV does not he?
I answer: There are a lot of dirt, make me forget wipe at
So bickering couple
_weekend, my wife wanted to go to a really expensive place I carry baits to store gasoline So the couple quarreled _ mind my wife nghang little hard lately. After a visit to a psychiatrist. I asked her doctor say? She said: The doctor told me to work and not worry too much, they need to be “in love” three times per week for solace and comfort . Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I said: OK Monday, Wednesday I took you to the doctor, it is, but you have to call a cab Friday because he was busy golfing So the couple quarreled _Tomorrow my wife’s birthday, I asked baits want? She said she wanted something glossy freeze, going from 0 to 200 in 3 seconds. I bought small baits scales in the bathroom. So the couple quarreled My wife stood in front of the mirror naked watching 5 minutes and then told me: I feel like you thinner shape and lose weight a bit right brother? I say: Maybe you should go back to your doctor examination eyes So the couple quarrel.

5 best short paragraph jokes about the couple next:

My wife stood in front of the mirror naked watching 5 minutes and then told me to
get married After twenty years, I find myself older, fatter and much worse than the first right? I was so sad, Matt him say something I say: But my eyes still as good as twenty years ago, 20/20 So the couple quarreled _Celebrating twenty years married, I want to ask baits where She said: I want to go to a place that I have not long arrived I said: Oh I want in the kitchen, huh? so, the couple quarreled _my wife asked: brother this green pants do not you butt bigger brother? I said: Yeah, but not as big as the white pants yesterday so the couple quarreled __ Christmas last year, I gave my wife an old woman to land damage in a very beautiful city cemetery to this morning … she have for .di beautiful place. Christmas this year, my wife wanted to know what I’m going to buy gifts for her cheek I say: Buy gifts do not sài baits gift last year to buy gifts that new spending on costly So the couple quarreled ___ I Heineken wants to buy a barrel price of $ 29.90, my wife refused because of concerns too. But when I saw blades buy a bottle lotion for beautiful face value $ 7.50 I said: You know after the Heineken barrel much nicer I saw you So the couple quarrel.

Add 8 sections the best short jokes about the couple:

When passing through Walmart stores, I bought 4 wheel car shell, my wife nagged
He bought tires do, where he did not car.
I said: I bought 4 Chứ back there so he arid Sudan Chiang where do you nhằn
so the couple quarreled
I said: After me his wedding day into mILLIONAIRE my wife: I’m proud too. Did you ask him success? I say: Before you were married you BILLIONAIRE So the couple quarreled _My wife: I have to be the wedding day the happiest day of my life is not? I say: No! Happy days are just second class only my wife: But on the first happy day what? I say: As you pack up the day you 3 weeks dze cheek. Alas day is dull So the couple quarreled _My wife: This weekend is my birthday. I want you to have a fun weekend it was happy. Tell me what you want to do? I said: Nothing makes you happy and if you pack dze cheek as in the first 3 weeks I So bickering spouses _Before Valentine day my wife said: last night, I dreamed that you gave me diamond ring compose, that means at what he ‘s Valentine’s Day I gave her the book “Guess Things dream” so bickering spouses ___ I sold newspapers “A book Encyclopedia of Vietnam, thickness 3,000 pages fresh cheap $ 10.00, why get married last month no longer needed, with the wife what it knows best,” so the couple quarreled __ I with my wife on dental clinic doctor extractions _ how much progress it? _ $ 100.00 _ Oh! Expensive too relieved not? _ Without anesthetic $ 80.00 _ $ 60.00 still expensive _ If small pair of pliers normal nailed the $ 40.00 _ still expensive _ OK $ 20.00 but the game I will spit, not me _ Be … are you you hurriedly sat down before the doctor changed his mind this time the couple together, not bickering uýnh _I ask you to go last night, all night not on? She said: I’m in the Phoenix house party you dear brother, beaten quarter-sharp all night. I said: I learned from nature when did lie? Phuong Anh all night with me where I have seen this time little more broth to call an ambulance, the wife too … nothing sinister And many short segments or jokes about husband and wife anymore, will be regularly updated when the latest stories, the best!


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